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Fortnightly socials will be held at Knights Park Bar at 6pm. 

October 22 / November 5 / November 19 / December 3 / December 17


“How to get more young people involved in politics” debate at the Houses of Parliament 

Date & time: 14 October, 6pm
Venue: Houses of Parliament

After our first social, we’re diving right into it with our first trip to support Shout UK’s campaign to get more young people interested in politics at the Houses of Parliament! Estimates suggest that as high as 65% of 18-24 year olds voted in 2015 General Election compared to 44% during the previous one five years ago, but this still isn’t enough. This event aims to change that with lively discussions and suggestions from the likes of MP Louise Haigh and Channel 4’s Fatima Manji among the historic backdrop of the Houses of Parliament. Unfortunately, there are limited places for this trip. Please email us and request a place on this trip. It will be first come first served and anyone else shall be placed on a waiting list should anyone drop out.  

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Interviewing Channel4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Written by Adriana Calado, Events Coordinator

source: theguardian.com

October ended in the best way possible. Trick or treats apart, I had the honour of interviewing one of Channel4’s most prestigious news anchors: Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Whether you are an aspiring journalist, or just someone who likes to stay well informed (and you should), this name probably rings a bell.

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International Day of the Girl at Kingston University: ‘Half the Sky’ Screening

Written by Priyanka Mogul, President

10th October was International Day of the Girl and it felt only right to host an event in honour of the day. Although it isn’t a day directly affiliated with journalism, as journalists we have a duty to report on and educate people about days such as this one. So KUJS decided to tie up with our very good friends – United Nations Association Kingston University (UNAKU) – and bring International Day of the Girl to Kingston in a big way. 


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Legendary journalist Sir Trevor McDonald teams wit and wisdom to inspire KU students

Written by Kirsty Liddle

As a final year journalism student I was beyond excited to hear about the professional experiences that Sir Trevor McDonald, OBE, a veteran broadcaster with five decades of work behind him, had collected over the years. On a more personal level I had grown up watching and more importantly listening to the Trinidad born journalist as he read the news in an always warm, yet dignified voice.

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Postgrad’s moments of fear [Week 1 at Kingston]

Written by Sheila Lordeus

I counted down the days until I was on a plane leaving the USA and arriving in London. The excitement was overwhelming but the journey was scary at the same time.  My fear of flying was out weighted from my fear of the first week of school in my postgrad program. In the states one can get comfortable as the diversity is not as vast as it is here. I asked myself questions such as will they like me, will I pass my classes, can I survive through class projects  and many other concerns left to be mentioned. The bus ride to school felt just as long as my flight coming into Heathrow airport.

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And the butterflies begin… [An Undergraduate Journalism student’s first week at Kingston]

Written by Luisa Barrientos 

The first week of school always gives people nerves, whether it’s butterflies in their stomachs, anxiety, or pure adrenaline, everyone gets the nerves. Which is a good thing because when I got my nerves I just told myself, everyone walking by me is just as nervous. But it turns out that I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be, and I think that is mostly because of induction week. Since I had already met the professors and the majority of the people I would be studying, the butterflies were rather small.

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Undercover Footman: journalist Ryan Perry

The Sun's Ryan Perry talking to KU journalists.

The Sun’s Ryan Perry talking to KU journalists.

Written by Luisa Barrientos 

Today many of us met Ryan Perry, the man who famously went undercover as a footman at Buckingham Palace, while he was still a trainee at the Daily Mirror! Now, many of us will probably never be able to say we walked the Queen’s corgis or rode on the royal carriage and had access to all the rooms at Buckingham Palace, but what we can say is we got first hand advice from the man that did. During the lecture Ryan gave us  some very helpful tips on how to become a memorable journalist. I think Ryan knows a little something of being a memorable journalist, as many people remember him as “the bloke who went undercover at Buckingham” as he said at the end of the lecture.

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